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Blooper! Cockroach Crawls on Reporter on LIVE TV

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Google Grief: Stock Plummets; YouTube Crashes

NewsBreakerOct 18 '12

From Pending Larry: Google CEO Goes From Silent to Meme Less than a half hour after Google GOOG -8.01%’s earnings accidentally hit the SEC website and Google’s shares plunged on the numbers, social media kicked it into high gear. Impressively it took only moments for someone to set up a Pending Larry Twitter account, mocking the incomplete release’s “Pending Larry Quote,” which seemed particularly amusing given Page had lost his voice for what seemed like ages. (He was back in action this week.) The Twitter account, unsurprisingly, is full of snark. Deal Journal tends to believe that ever since that missing snake from the Bronx Zoo made parody accounts popular, the world has been overdosing, like, a lot, on fake Twitter accounts. Most aren’t very funny.