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Horrifying! New York Post Cover Shows Man About To Die

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Rapper Allegedly Caught On Tape Beating Woman

NewsBreakerOct 25 '12

Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds. Lil Reese will probably be trending on Twitter for a full 24 hours, because the appalling footage that leaked of him assaulting a young woman simply can't be ignored. The Def Jam rapper took to Twitter to address the video, but he certainly didn't apologize, instead offering up this tweet: "The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh-- from years ago." Sure, since it's in the past, all is forgiven right? As the video circulates, fans continue to weigh in on Twitter, and unbelievably enough...there are mixed reactions to the clip. Here we were thinking that horrified was the only plausible reaction. Some questioned what would happen to Reese now that this video has been made public: @Duhwayne "Will Lil Reese be forgiven like Chris Brown ? Doubt it." Other seemed to stick up for him a little @FIONAK90 "Wait so everyone mad at lil reese for beating the girl,but the uppercut was fine? y'all are confused,its all wrong-neither one was ok," while some decided to poke fun at a situation that doesn't seem humorous in the least bit. Take your pick: @TwoTonIsGod"Lil Reese is trending, one of the tweets said he used a Dragon Ball Z combo on the bitch hahahahaha that sh-- made my morning," or @Doitlike_Lexx "These Females be acting up and I guess Lil Reese aint letting" (We truly doubt this is what Meek Mill had in mind). Hopefully this one was a joke: @Benzino "Sooooooo what lil Reese did was wrong?" Thankfully it seems like some fans were rightfully disgusted by the video. @yannirose12 "Lil Reese need to take some notes from Cheif Keef cause ni---s hitting females #ThatsTheShitIDontLike," or @TeamTatted11Damn Lil Reese.. You're a coward for beatin a girl up smh," and " @Mr_Weddington Lil Reese is a bitch for beating and stompin a woman like a grown man and if you support his music you a bitch too #NuffSaid The worst: @TeaSteezy "Lil Reese you my motha f---in hero." Our favorite but not possible tweet:@ Anup_Patel"Seriously lord, I'll trade you Chief Keef and Lil Reese for Pac and BIG right now."