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TV Station Runs Racy Cover Of Petraeus Biography

NewsBreakerNov 13 '12

Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds. Oh my. A reader just sent me something that I didn’t believe.Then he sent me a photo.Then he sent me a video.Then I found a comment on ABC Denver’s Web site from another viewer who saw the same thing.So now I’m printing it. UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed by the local station: However, when the 7NEWS reporter went on the Internet to get an image of the book cover, the reporter mistakenly grabbed a Photoshopped image that said, “All Up In My Snatch.” Hmm… I couldn’t find any such image via Google last night.And there were tons of images of the book, correct images, on Google. In a piece on the 5pm news about now-resigned CIA director David Petraeus and his affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, ABC News’ Denver affiliate put a photo of the biography on the screen, but the book had an awfully odd name. The name of the Petraeus biography is, in real life, “All In.”