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Ack! Debt Ceiling Almost Reached

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Gen. David Petraeus Apologizes For Affair

NewsBreakerMar 27 '13

Signaling a desire to return to public life, retired Gen. David H. Petraeus offered an apology Tuesday for the scandal that led to his resignation as director of the CIA and brought an illustrious career to an abrupt end.Petraeus has kept a low profile since admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, in November.The speech, at a USC dinner honoring veterans and ROTC students, is the first step in what appears to be a carefully choreographed comeback bid. Before about 600 guests in a hotel ballroom in downtown Los Angeles, a contrite Petraeus acknowledged that he is “regarded in a different light now” than he was a year ago. Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds.