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BREAKING: Ford Announces Massive Recall

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NewsBreaker Headlines for Friday June 28, 2013

NewsBreakerJun 28 '13

Newsbreaker headlines from around the world for Friday, June 28, 2013. There’s been a third arrest tied to former NFL player Aaron Hernandez’s murder case. The second suspect was extradited to Massachusetts. On Friday, JCPenney, Sears Holding, and QVCadd their names to the growing list of endorsement deals to drop celebrity chef Paula Deen. Chicago celebrates the Blackhawks’ championship with a rally, more than a dozen reported injuries and an f-bomb dropped on live television. The bit actress who appeared in a tv series is officially indicted on three counts for reportedly sending ricin letters to President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. A witness in the George Zimmerman case testified to seeing Trayvon Martin straddling Zimmerman before the fatal gunshot.