TWITTER FEUD: Full Kanye West/Jimmy Kimmel Interview

Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night to set the record straight and settle what Kimmel called a dumb fight on twitter with West.

West was the only guest on the show and the two covered everything from their feud to Kanye's ego - it's confidence by the way, not ego.

West also discussed how hard it is to break through barriers as a rappers and not taken seriously as a fashion designer.

He compares celebrities to zoo animals in how they are treated by the paparazzi.  West was famously stalked in the early morning hours by the paps while out in his garage.

The interview ended well with the two showing mutual respect for one another, solving their differences and becoming friends once again.

Check out the entire interview below:

Want the abridged version, check out our report:

Want the backstory on how the feud started?  Check this out:

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