VIRAL PHOTO: Wounded Soldier in Hospital, Thought Unconscious, Salutes as He Receives Purple Heart

The photo features U.S Army Ranger Josh Hargis of Ohio in a hospital bed severely wounded, but still receiving his purple heart from his commanding officer.

The photo is even more special because, according to Hargis' wife, everyone thought he was unconscious. So his salute came as a huge surprise.

He struggled through the pain as doctor's tried to restrain him to prevent further damage, but he succeeded in saluting his superior.

Check out the photo posted to his wife, Taylor's Facebook page:

Josh Hargis

Taylor Hargis also posted a message on the page, saying:
“Despite his wounds, wrappings, tubes, and pain, Josh fought the doctor who was trying to restrain his right arm and rendered the most beautiful salute any person in that room had ever seen. I cannot impart on you the level of emotion that poured through the intensive care unit that day. Grown men began to weep and we were speechless at a gesture that speak volumes about Josh's courage and character.”
Hargis was severely wounded in a bombing in Afghanistan which killed four other soldiers.


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