HILARIOUS: Writer/Director Daniel Hubbard Creates Video Spoofing Sci-Fi Film 'Gravity'

The science fiction thriller Gravity managed to rake in millions, and now it has been re-imagined with the hilarious YouTube video "Ikea." Thanks to New York-based writer and director Daniel Hubbard, there's a new viral video you won't want to miss.

The video begins with chilling details about this strange area of 346,000 square feet, ending with the foreboding line..."Life in Ikea is impossible."

Daniel Hubbard stars in the video, cast alongside his fake girlfriend played by Alex Viola. The two are shown walking around the store, looking at various furniture items in wonder, marveling over how beautiful it all is. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Check it out for yourself!

Check out NewsBreaker's story on this funny spoof:

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