XMAS GADGETS: Three Holiday Apps that Will Help Get You Through the Season

Need help figuring out what to get your family for Christmas?

How about an app?ĀPrice is good.ĀBuzzfeed has the most "buzzed about' apps of the holiday season.

1. Do you hate talking to your family during the get-together?

'Christmas conversation generator' will take care of that! Just select the type of person you're chatting with and the app will take care of the rest. If you have an uncle who's constantly questioning President Obama's background, select 'Bigoted Uncle.' And you're done.

Christmas Conversation Generator

2. If you're lonely and looking for some loving, download the 'Santa Clauser.' It'll help you track down gay horny Santas working at malls. He'll show you some naughty things on his list.

Santa Clausr

3. And this is for everyone who is never sure which greeting to use during the holidays. The 'Jew or not a Jew' app will save you the embarrassment. Just hold your phone up to their face while they talk for imaging and audio analysis. You'll find out in no time if you should say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah!

Jew Or Not a Jew

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