Getting to know Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, on Twitter

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A key figure in this week's 68th United Nations General Assembly has been Iran's President Hassan Rouhani. Considered the moderate in this year's presidential race, many have hopes that he will chart a new path for Iran, perhaps amending international relations and addressing nuclear arms.

He didn't shake President Obama's hand this week, a disappointment to many speculations. But that could be just because he doesn't like handshaking. Examination of his Twitter activity holds much insight into the new leader.

  • He is willing to dialogue. Even with Secretary Kerry and President Obama. Not many want to do that.
  • Nuclear weaponsare trouble.
  • He likes sports! And women's sports!
  • He "backs" Twitter! He also has an assistant tweeter, which is pretty classy.
  • The more Twitter, the better.

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