The Greatest Event in Television Back!!

The affable Adam Scott is at it again, this time re-creating the opening sequence from Bosom Buddies for the fourth and final installment of The Greatest Event in Television History.

In the clip, Adam Scott plays Peter Scolari's role while Paul Rudd channels his best Tom Hanks.

The satirical show was shrouded in mystery when it was first promo-ed on Adult Swim in late 2012. It has since become a big hit with viewers, with Scott getting the likes of Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, Kathryn Hahn and Billy Joel to star in the various episodes (each a re-creation of a 1980s TV show's credits).

Scott created Event as a homage to all the shows he grew up watching in the eighties and has tackled Hart to Hart, Simon & Simon and Too Close for Comfort. 

Check out the clip below:


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