Hidden Painting Found Under Picasso's Masterpiece 'The Blue Room'

Scientists and experts from the Phillips Collection, National Gallery of Art, Cornell University, Delaware's Winterhur Muse, and the arsty-like have studied Pablo Picasso's 'The Blue Room' for years. Painted in 1901, it's one of the artist's first masterpieces-painted during his famous "blue period" in Paris. 













Back in 1954, it became widley suspected another painting was hidden beneath the surface of 'The Blue Room' as brushstrokes did not match on the picture's woman and background. Picasso was also known for using canvases for multiple paintings, as he did not always have the affordance of spare materials, thus furthering the theory.  

In the 1990's, an x-ray finally managed to reveal a fuzzy image of something under the main painting- though it was still nearly impossible to identify.














Now, after years of using infared imagery, the mystery painting has finally been revealed. Experts at the Phillips Collection in Washington uncovering this painting; a bearded man wearing a jacketand bow tie. The muse has not yet been identified. 


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