John Oliver Breaks the FCC's Website

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver went on a 13-minute rant against Internet providers' attempts to end net neutrality on his show Sunday night and by could say he'd made his point. 

After urging Internet users to leave comments on the Federal Communications Commission's website, protesters heeded his call- flooding the FCC page with so many responses that it, for a moment, crashed.  

A statement from the agency admitting the site, "experienced technical difficulties with our comments system."

Although there's no proven cause and effect between Oliver's decidely brilliant rant and the FCC crash, it'd be hard to argue otherwise. The segment went viral just hours before the "difficulties", racking up 700,000 views by Monday afternoon. While that's not necessarily the viral equivalent of a Rihanna music video, it is a large audience for a subject most people weren't necessarily pre-invested in.

Check out Oliver's whole net neutrality below and let @Newsbreaker know what you think. 

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