North Korea Claims H-Bomb Test

Says it now has the "most powerful nuclear deterrent"

North Korea claims it has successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb, it's first nuclear weapons test in three years and the fourth overall.  The move was quickly condemned by the United States and other superpowers around the world including China.  The possible test came to light hours after reports of a 5+ magnitude earthquake near a known North Korean nuclear test site. State website KCNA reported the H-Bomb test, saying the device went off in "the most perfect manner".

Condemnation from countries in the region were swift and strong.  Japanese prime minister Shinto Abe said his country "absolutely cannot tolerate" a North Korean nuclear test.  South Korean President Park Geun-hye said its adversary to the north would "pay the price" for the test.

The most unlikely condemnation came from China which has a continued alliance with North Korea.  Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the Chinese government "strongly opposes" the test and urges North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "stop any action which could worsen the situation."

Despite North Korea's claims, experts say it will be several days before they can confirm that the test actually involved a hydrogen bomb.

Questions and rage after North Korea’s H-bomb claim

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