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Obamacare: Dr. Ventura's Diagnosis

Jesse Ventura's Off The GridApr 24 '14

The Affordable Care Act is only a few months old, but President Obama is declaring it a success, while the Rebloodlicans say it's dead on arrival.Today, the Governor gives his #OffTheGrid take on Obamacare-- should we be so quick to diagnose its ills?What do you think?Message Jesse Ventura at

"Having access to a doctor is a human right," says Governor Jesse Ventura. He discusses The Affordable Care Act and how premature it is to be talking about the implementation of this program. 

"Having access to a doctor is a human right," 


According to President Obama, the rollout wasn't perfect but the Affordable Care Act was a success with over seven million people signing up. 

The Governor says that the law isn't perfect and needs to be fixed, but shouldn't be stripped from those that do not have access to healthcare. The problem is that, although the law is already working to reduce the uninsured rate, it is doing so at a slow rate and not making very much of an impact yet. 

On Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' resignation, the Governor says that the way she operated was no different from the way President Bush and Vice-president Cheney did. "If you get in the crosshairs of the other political party, it is very rare that people stand with people," He says. 

Despite their vocal opposition, Republicans have managed to secure a change in the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage choices.  No one has yet taken responsibility for the change. 

When asked why that would be the case, Jesse Ventura simply replies "Politics. We, the people, don't matter." 

Other challenges that Obamacare faces are not political, but rather logistical. According to a study, only a fraction of hospitals in a specific area will accept Obamacare coverage. This is because some hospitals have deals with insurance companies and this means that they don't accept people insured under Obamacare. 

"Notice who is running healthcare. It's not the doctor, not the nurses, it is the insurance companies" 


"They made healthcare at the whim of the insurance companies," He said. "Notice who is running healthcare. It's not the doctor, not the nurses, it is the insurance companies." 

When asked if the Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, Jesse Ventura says that it is important to give it time, but people have to work at it. 

Addressing some Tweets, he remarked that in some cases it was going to be good and in some it was going to be bad. 

On Twitter, fan Josie says "I think Obamacare is fine. A change in the modus operandi of healthcare which was needed, and now we have it. It may not be the perfect solution but it's a start." 

"I agree," the Governor says. "That's where I'm at on this." 





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