“We’re so focused on waging war; we tend to forget there’s devastation happening all around the world...How about the United States of America stepping forward and taking our money and using it for humanitarian reasons to help people instead of killing people.

Let’s help out people. We’re all human beings. It doesn’t matter what country we’re from or what man-made border stands in front of us.”

-Jesse Ventura

A message from our friends at the Cabo Agency below. Please help in any way you can.

On September 14th, 2014 Hurricane Odile wreaked havoc on Los Cabos, Mexico. While there has been little media coverage about the humanitarian disaster there, something verynewsworthy is taking place.

A handful of generous supporters collectively acquired and delivered 18,000 pounds of relief aid from Los Angeles using a privately-chartered Airbus A319--not a small plane--given that the airport into which it arrived was still (and remains) officially closed.

Despite the damaged airport being under military control, heavy restrictions on local movements, and a veritable mountain of logistical and regulatory challenges, the first privately organized, privately funded large-scale aid arrived in hurricane-stricken Los Cabos.

While the tourist sector will recover, and no doubt bounce back better than ever, the working people who are the heart of Los Cabos should not be forgotten.

Please help us while we continue to work locally and internationally to organize donations and raise funds to help those in need in southern Baja by following this link: http://www.youcaring.com/other/the-cabo-agency-s-hurricane-odile-relief-effort/236640

And please continue to share and help us spread the word.

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