From our friends at the Government Accountability Project:

GAP mourns the passing of our dear friend Rick Piltz, a climate science whistleblower and hero who died early Saturday morning after a fight with cancer.

Rick Piltz courageously and brilliantly made history in 2005. He provided documents, observations and analyses to GAP and then to the New York Times, proving how intensely the Bush White House had undermined and manipulated the results of billions of dollars in federal government climate science research. He then spent the last nine years challenging what he called the oil and coal industries' "denialist machine," the slow pace of government action on climate change and the need to view climate change policy through the prism of national preparedness.

He founded GAP's Climate Science Watch blog and website, which monthly logs 30,000 visitors and over a million page views, mostly from government employees, academicians, scientists and environmental activists. He was a regular contributor to television, radio and other media outlets. Media experts have cited Piltz' whistleblowing revelations as one of the key events of 2005 and 2006 that changed the reporting on climate change away from a squabble between contrarian experts toward an acceptance of scientific certainty, given the overwhelming consensus that now exists within the scientific community.

As time and the climate change crisis evolves, Piltz' legacy will increasingly be seen within this nation and internationally as one of truth and honor. It was a privilege to work with Rick, as first a client and then a colleague. He will live on through the actions of all of us whose lives were touched by his intelligence, energy and commitment to justice, integrity and common sense.

GAP extends its sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

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