Mainstream media should be ashamed of kowtowing to big oil propaganda, reporting inaccurate job creation numbers & failing to expose the real reason oil is making its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Let me get this out, just so people understand clearly. This Keystone pipeline that they want to build now, that they’re going to give the ok to, that this Democratic woman senator [Mary Landrieu] from Louisiana put the coalition together. Barack Obama, veto this! How come nobody answers the question, why would they take oil from Canada down to the Gulf? Doesn’t the Gulf have enough oil? After all, that’s where the big BP oil spill was. There’s plenty of oil in the Gulf! Why would we pipe oil down to the Gulf? To load it onto ships and take it to China, and no one in mainstream media takes the report to there. They’re not telling people! Mainstream media is in on it; they’re lying to you. Why would they build a pipeline? They couldn’t go through Canada because British Columbia, their own province, wouldn’t allow it. So now they’re running this pipe right through the center of the United States of America to pump gas that they’re telling you you’re going to benefit from. You’re not going to see a nickel of this and the only jobs are to build the pipeline. When the pipeline’s built, those jobs will disappear and the oil will keep on flowing and they’ll keep on making the money. So people better wake up to what this Keystone pipeline is all about. For Democrats and Republicans, its payola to the gas and oil industry.

-Jesse Ventura

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