This week on Off The Grid, we want to provide you with the perfect topics of conversation for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal. For what is Thanksgiving without a little dinner table drama! So amp-up your family get-together with some not-so-festive discussions, courtesy of Governor Jesse Ventura…someone at your table is bound to get riled up. You’re welcome!

Tuesday: F*** The Police State! 
Consider this your first course for your turkey dinner. Take on the militarization of your local law enforcement with Jesse "The Body" Ventura and the United Police States of America. First up, the Governor looks at the militarization of our local law enforcement, and the horrifying SWAT raids that rock Small Town America every day. How do you stay vigilant when the cops have all the power?

Wednesday: Splendid Isolation!
Nothing divides family members like politics, especially when talking about war. Politicians on the left and the right are slamming the idea of isolationism. More troops, more men on the ground, more of YOUR money going to war. So, the Governor asks, is isolationism really such a bad idea? Jesse believes you can be an isolationist and still lead the world. What do you think?

Thursday: Washington R*dskins:
Still Racist! Let us not forget why we “celebrate” Thanksgiving in the first place and turn to the current controversy surrounding the name of the Washington NFL team -- which, according to team owner Dan Snyder, means “honor” and “respect”... or does it? Not if you ask Jesse: “Dan Snyder, read a history book, don’t name your football team after a genocide.” Agree or disagree?

Friday: The Money Trail:Walmart!
As you shoppers out there get your wallets and purses ready for Black Friday chaos, perhaps you should take a look at where your hard-earned dollars are going. Take America’s largest private employer, Walmart. Have you ever wondered just how deeply entrenched your life is with this billion-dollar corporation? Does the Walmart tagline, “Save Money Live Better,” really apply to you?

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