The Governor believes you can be a world leader without sticking your nose in everyone’s business!

My definition of isolationism is: “Mind your own business.” I’m an isolationist in my own neighborhood. Why? I mind my own business. I don’t care about what my neighbors are doing as long as it doesn’t affect me. I guess that’s an isolationist. We need to step back and move towards it today, as my belief, get our military out of these countries and bring them home. I think you can be an isolationist and still run the world. It means you keep your nose out of other country’s business. If they’re not affecting you then why do you have to stick your nose in what they do? Like choosing what kind of government they can be. You can be a world leader without sticking your nose in everyone’s business. We don’t need to back away and become total isolationists, no. Nobody’s saying that. But we don’t need our military in 178 foreign countries and every time there’s a war, we’re involved in it. I would say that makes us the warring country.


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