​Walmart’s slogan is, “Save Money. Live Better.” Are you buying that bullsh*t? That doesn’t apply to you, that only applies to the Walmart owners.

This company always sits at the top of the Fortune 500 list, but lets just see now how charitable they are with their mountains and mountains of cash. I’m all for them earning their profits and stuff, but if you make 16 billion in a year, that’s what you get and you can’t take say 3 billion of that and only make 13 billion and pay your employees so that we, the American public, don’t have to subsidize them. You know what I love about this is the hypocrisy of the Republicans. They won’t raise the minimum wage. They prefer to have the Walmart people on the government dole instead. But no, they’re going to take that away too. So I guess you just stay low minimum wage and no safety net. That’s the Republican way. Lets teach those Walmart people how to live on their wages and their wages alone. That’s the Republican point of view.


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