That's right. The only person to go to prison for torture is John Kiriakou and he refused to torture anyone. In fact, he's the whistleblower whose disclosures prompted last week's Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report.

Yet another mainstream media blindspot. The media continues to report about who the CIA tortured and what methods were used, but they will not remind you that John Kiriakou, the 15-year CIA veteran, blew the whistle on the whole thing. 

Kiriakou disclosed classified information: that we tortured Al Qaeda detainee Abu Zubaydah by waterboarding him. This disclosure led to the Senate Intelligence Committee's year long investigation into the CIA's torture policies and resulted in the report that was released last week. 

And what did Kiriakou get for alerting the American public? He was silenced. He was sent to federal prison because disclosing classified information is a crime. Those who tortured others? Oh, they're fine. They were just doing their job. 

You can read more about John Kiriakou, an American hero who has yet to be recognized, in his interview with The Washingtonian.

Our government doesn't like it when someone takes the moral high ground. Find out what happened to another whistleblower - Thomas Drake - in his Off The Grid interview:  

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