The Governor thinks the hardest decision in Darren Wilson's life shouldn't have been resigning from the police force, but whether or not to take a human life.

This police officer resigned. And during his interview, he stated that resigning from the police force was the hardest decision he’d ever made.

My question is: wouldn’t the hardest decision you ever made be to shoot Michael Brown? And yet, to him, that wasn’t as hard of a decision. I find that very strange.

So resigning from your job is a harder decision than taking a human life? Does that make sense? To me, taking a human life would be the hardest decision you could ever make.

That’s very telling to me. What it tells me is that Darren Wilson's value on human life isn’t that high. When you shoot someone six times or more that’s not defensive shooting, that’s offensive shooting.

There should have been an indictment because now we’ll never know. Whenever you’ve got conflicting stories, you need a trial. Now we’re never going to get closure, and that’s wrong.


Hear what else the Governor has to say about Police Brutality in this episode of #OffTheGrid:

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