When you pick up the dictionary, and you see the word “chicken hawk,” there’s a photo of Dick Cheney right there.


Five deferments, yet Dick Cheney heads the department of defense.  He takes us to war, he advocates torture…all these things, Dick Cheney will do, but he won’t do them, will he? Someone else will do them for him.  Dick Cheney is a man who leads from the rear.There’s a difference between leading from the rear and leading from the front.Dick specializes in leading from the rear.

What do you know about the definition of torture, Dick Cheney?When it was your time to go to the front, to show what you had, to stand up for your country, you ran and hid. And now you come back, the “chicken hawk” you are, and you’re going to define what torture is?That’s bullshit.

We as the United States are supposed to stand for something.We’re supposed to stand for a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. I guess in Dick Cheney’s case, it’s win and who cares how.

My dad told me when I was a teenager, “all politicians are crooks.” My dad was right. Because they spend a $1 Million for a job that pays a hundred grand.


Watch Jesse sound off on the Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney below!

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