Jesse Ventura welcomes back an old friend to #OffTheGrid, the former U.S. Representative from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul ( to discuss what Barack Obama should actually be sued for, if Sarah Palin can possibly lead an impeachment charge against the President, and if our economy is on the verge of massive inflation.

"Debt is a nemesis.And I think we’re starting to feel it in this country.

It certainly has come about to be a nemesis in cities like Detroit and Chicago.You can’t escape the issue of debt. And yet, the liberals and the conservatives - the big-spending conservatives - believe it doesn’t matter. They can give lip-service to it.

The most important thing we can do right now to wake up a lot of people is to continue the process that I started years ago and that is: open up the books of the Fed. Everybody deserves to know what the Fed’s been doing.The average person - the average American - about 80% of Americans say at least find out. When they find out, they’re going to say, “Abolish the Fed.” Because it’s nothing more than a slush fund for the very wealthy.Not just our Wall Streeters and our bankers, but worldwide, we bail out just about everybody, because people still but trust in the dollar. Trust that is not deserved."

-Ron Paul

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