Fox News' senior judicial analyst, the always candid, Judge Andrew Napolitano joins Jesse Ventura #OffTheGrid to discuss why Snowden deserves a hero's welcome, and the Judge throws his support behind the Governor's possible presidential campaign.

“People have been hijacking [the libertarian] terminology for a hundred years. A hundred years ago, we were called liberals: people who believed in human freedom. People who believed in the primacy of the individual over the power of the state. And then, the “liberals,” the big government progressives liked that word and took it from us and we became “libertarians.” Now the term “libertarian” has become so in vogue, that even our former friends on the right are trying to use it. To me, it almost doesn’t matter what we’re called. We know what we stand for. And our people - the people who agree with us on the primacy of the individual over the state - will see right through those guys on the right wing of the Republican party who are trying to use our nomenclature.”

-Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 

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