"Colorado Sells $34 Million Of Cannabis" reads a recent headline.  Guess where that money is going?  Schools!  Plus, crime rate has reportedly dropped considerably in Colorado.  If this is true, it will only be a matter of time before more states join in and it becomes legal on a federal level.

According to an article published on Higher Perspective, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has had much more than just a positive economic impact.  In fact, 10% ($3.4 million to be exact) of the earnings from marijuana sales have reportedly gone to the building and maintaing of Colorado's schools.  Naysayers can't deny it: this is putting that money to good use.  

Higher Perspective also reports that "crime has suddenly and sharply dropped in the state, providing evidence that clearly counters the idea that crime would rise with the plant’s legalization."  The article claims crime has dropped by 15%, and murder alone is down by nearly half!  

Are these the social benefits we'll see from legalizing marijuana country-wide?  If so, is it time to put this issue to rest once and for all...and just LEGALIZE POT?

What do you think vigilant viewers?  

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