Capitalism today may be thriving, but is it worth it when the cost is our environment?

The least shocking thing to come out of the climate report is that all the climate change deniers are Republicans. It all goes back to the old system of bribery; the people that pay them off get heard. Their employer is whoever gives them the most money in campaign contributions. They do not work for the people of the U.S. at all. 

If you work for somebody who makes any type of campaign contribution, you should know where your money's going. We have every right to know what the government does because we are the ones that finance them. We give them the operational gasoline to run. And you have every right to know what they’re using your money for.

Whether you believe in climate change or not could be irrelevant, but who believes in polluting?Does anyone out there actually think pollution is a good thing? No. So that alone should be enough to stop this but it isn’t. It’s a shame.


Hear what else the Governor has to say about Capitalism Killing the Environment in this episode of #OffTheGrid: 

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