From the People. Jesse Ventura answers fan questions.


Daniel F. from TX asks:

I keep hearing about Tea Party Republicans who want to do away with the IRS and it reminded me of your idea of abolishing the income tax. Is their idea similar to yours? Do you agree with them or do you think it is a way for them to appeal to their crazy political ideology?

Jesse’s response:

     First of all, I don’t truly care enough about them to know what they stand for exactly.  I don’t think it’s the same as what I’m saying. I’m just saying: abolish the income tax and go to a national sales tax. I have no idea if the Tea Party endorses that or if they would like to do that also. I don’t have any knowledge of that. But if they did agree with that, then I would stand with them on it on that particular issue. But to me, and this is me personally, it comes from NO party. I don’t like political parties -- I think we should abolish them all including the Tea Party. 

Ivan G. from MN asks:

What is your position regarding the census? Did you know that the reason the Nazis were able to round up jews was public census records?

Jesse’s response:

The census has good and bad to it, naturally. The good to it is to know what’s happening amongst the people, so you can respond to it accordingly as a government.  The more knowledge you have of your constituents, the better it is for your own decision making. There’s probably nothing wrong with that. But like anything, it can be abused. Evil people will get into power and they will abuse it. You can look all through history and see that happening all the time. So the census in and of itself, I don’t have a problem with. But certainly, I’m sure, that the results of it are abused in some manner -- knowing our government and the way they lie to us.  It’s also used to create the districts for voting, so it does have a legitimate purpose to it -- and, again, as long as it’s not abused.

Hunter D. from PA asks:

Governor, what do you think about the situation in the Ukraine and the Crimean Crisis? If you were President, how would you treat Vladimir Putin?

Jesse’s response:

I think we should examine ourselves and our own positions over there. Because it’s obvious to me we’re trying to break these countries away from Russia, to make them join the European Union -- which, to me, is another step towards the one-world government. That way they would take these countries and put them under the same currency. Which I’m sure somebody is planning to do here in North America at some point in time, as soon as they destroy our middle class and we’re on equal grounds with Mexico, that’s probably when it will happen. As far as me handling [Putin], I wouldn’t get involved, that’s Putin’s business and it’s not our business. I think it’s high time we start isolating ourselves a little more and start worrying about what’s going on in our own country, instead of what’s going on around the world. 

Jeff W. from NJ asks:


Jesse’s response:

Muhammad Ali would be at the top of the list. I’m trying to think of who else would join him...Musically, I love the Rolling Stones. Surfing-wise, Laird Hamilton. Politically, right now, it would be Senator Angus King from Maine.  

Robert G. from MN asks:

Are you curious as to whether or not the NSA has anything to do with the outcome of elections? Would this stop any attempt by a good candidate like yourself from seeking the presidency?

Jesse’s response:

 Well, I don't know if the NSA could influence elections, I'd have to see in what manner they could do so. I'm more curious to see if I'm on their hit list, because allegedly they are supposed to release this list with millions of names on it that they've had under surveillance. They said it's going to astound people with some of the [names] on there – I would like to know if I'm on there. At this time I don't know if I am, I haven't heard that I am, but I'd like to know if I am on that list. And then of course I'd like to ask the reason why. 

@rickman02 from Twitter asks:

@GovJVentura if you were to become president what could actually get done to fix things with Congress being the f#$ked up mess that it is?

Jesse’s response:

That's where people get it all wrong. They're looking to me to fix Congress?  THEY have to fix Congress! They elect them. The President doesn't elect them. You do!  So I will pose that question to you: what are YOU going to do to fix Congress? You're the voter! I know what I do: I don't vote for Republicans or Democrats, that's how I try to fix Congress.

@ELIjr04 from Twitter asks:

@GovJVentura Mr. Ventura how do you feel about TX Senator Ted Cruz, of being a potential candidate for the republican party?

Jesse’s response:

 I could care less about any candidates in either party. I won't vote for them. I do realize that one of them will probably become our hand-picked president by the two parties, and it's very frustrating. But everyone has the right to run. If Ted Cruz wants to run for president, that's his business, and he certainly has the right to do so. And I also have the right not to vote for him.

Carrie R. from IN asks:

What is your opinion on student loans? Do you believe that they are an intentional trap to keep the kids going to college in debt for the rest of their lives, and to keep the middle and lower classes down, or am I just being too paranoid?

Jesse’s response:

 The price of college -- you have to take out a loan to go unless you've got money to start with. If you're a working class kid, it's difficult and certainly you'd have to get a student loan to do it. I'm just not big on going into debt personally. I was raised by two parents who lived through the depression and who paid cash for a lot of things and never went in debt themselves. I don't like debt and I would find other ways to go, like in my particular case, I served in the military so that when I got done, I had the G.I. Bill so I could go to college without incurring any debt or loan. There's ways to earn your way through college, you've just got to have the persistence to do it and not necessarily feel you have to do it in the first four years after high school. 

Levi S. from MN asks:

I’ve tried to get this question through to you a few times. I want to know what your stance is on the U.S. supporting Israel. Why are we funding them? Why are we picking sides? Why are people so afraid to call Israel out on their bullshit? Is it because they are afraid of being labeled anti-semite? Please tell me you aren't afraid Jesse…

 Jesse’s response:

I question it too. I would assume because Israel has tremendous influence on the powers at be in our government...because to me I'm tired of foreign aid. If I became president, I would do my best to eliminate it completely. All it is is bribery. It's taking the political bribery system and using it in international politics to bribe other countries with money so that they'll support our positions. Because the foreign aid doesn't get to the people, it's stolen before it ever gets there.

 It's not just Israel, it's all foreign aid. I mean, we’re broke! That’s the other bottom line. How can we give anybody aid when we’re so far in debt? Israel included. How do you give away money when you're broke? They could technically repossess our house and our car and we give away money? I don't get it...when you say, each and every one of us owes $55,000...then I think politicians should go to jail. 

Said F. from CA asks:

Would you consider Senator Elizabeth Warren as your running mate for 2016?

Jesse’s response:

 I would not consider her at all. I don't do anything with the two political parties and want nothing to do with them and won't join them. That's why I told Ron Paul, if he was to quit the Republican party, and ran as an independent, I would have gladly ran with him. But he wouldn't leave the Republicans and so that ended that. I will not, I would not endorse her, she’s a Democrat.

Karen J. from NY asks:

Hi Jesse, what is your opinion on AARP? I have read a lot of negative comments from obvious right-wingers so that alone urges me to get a membership, but I value your opinion highly and would like to know. Thank you, love the work you are doing, stay vigilant indeed!! 

Jesse’s response:

 I don't really have an opinion on them. I mean they're just a political action committee for the elderly. And let’s face it, there’s a political action committees for everything else out there. So, if you want to be part of the game of -- bribery and what system they've set up -- then of course you would support that. I guess it's nice to have the membership because you get senior citizen discounts on hotels and things of that nature. I’m not going to tell somebody if they should or should not join. That'd be like someone calling me up and saying, “my son, should I let him join the Boy Scouts?” Well I don't know. You're his parent and in this case it's your decision. Learn about them and if it's something you're interested in, join them. If it's something you're not, don't. That's the only advice I can give. The only thing I dislike about them is they seem to have our birthdays right away because once you reach the age where they apply to you, you'll get something from them the very next day. And that's kind of scary. That they have that amount of data on everyone...All I know is they know the day you turn old enough to qualify.

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