A message from the Governor himself.

       It’s time to take another look at the state of our country 13 years after the tragedy and if were vulnerable to another terrorist attack. Apparently the FBI had a mole inside al Qaeda who met Osama bin Laden eight years prior to 9/11 and knew he planned to finance terror attacks, but the bureau declined to tell Congressional investigators or the 9/11 Commission about the mole, sources involved in the case told NBC news. Why would they keep this a secret? Isn’t this exactly the kind of information the 9/11 Commission could have used in their investigation? You’d think it could, but then after they failed to do so it's cover it up! Don’t let anybody know. If you want to go back 50 years, it’s kind of like the murder of John Kennedy. The FBI knew all sorts of stuff that was withheld from the Warren Commission. So really this is just another repeat performance of government withholding and having a commission that really isn’t there to find out the truth. These commissions are there just to rubber stamp the official story. That’s why its up to all of us to work together to finally #UNCOVER911!

Stay Vigilant,

-Jesse Ventura

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