Man isn’t born in front of a cell phone screen. And he definitely doesn’t need to die at one.So for 2015, let’s unplug our phones and free our minds!

Six months out of the year I live in the middle of nowhere.  No cell phones, no internet, no bullshit.

I live off the grid because it provides me with a feeling of freedom.  I’ve never owned a cell phone.  That’s one thing that’s now become an obsession with me.  I want to go to my grave where I can put on my gravestone, “He never owned a cell phone.”  At this point in my life, nothing’s that important, nothing needs to get done quickly that I have to carry something in my back pocket that allows the NSA to know where I’m at.  If you’ve got a cell phone, the NSA can talk to you whenever they want.

I refuse to fly because I don’t want to deal with the gestapo at the airport, Homeland Security.I’m an honorably discharged Navy veteran, I’m a mayor, a Governor, I’ve been flying virtually my entire adult life for my jobs, and yet I’m treated at airports like I’m a criminal because I happen to have metal in my body.  I can’t help it.  If I didn’t have the metal in my body, I couldn’t walk.  So I drive 3,000 miles every year to get down off the grid.

The real key is - when you’re off the grid - the only thing about life you’re aware of is what you see.Think about how refreshing that can be.


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