Finally! An extreme wage initiative hits Los Angeles. But it’s not what you think.

     If you’re one of Jesse Ventura’s vigilant viewers then you know the governor supports a maximum wage--for CEOs, not underpaid hotel employees.

     The American Hotel & Lodging Association and the Asian American Hotel Owners Association sued Los Angeles in an attempt to prevent hotel employees from receiving the minimum wage increase they were awarded by the Los Angeles city council back in September of 2014.

     The hourly wage increase would first apply to employees working in hotels with more than 300 rooms and then eventually to those with 150 rooms, and would bring wages up from $9 per hour to $15.37.

     According to a report by PR Watch,

“The lawsuit is part of a nationwide no-holds-barred campaign against living wages by powerful trade organizations involving litigation, front groups, and state preemption.”

     The report also says hotel associations went as far as hiring shady American Legislative Exchange Council inspired petitioners to trick the public into signing false petitions. These tricksters were caught on camera lying, telling people to sign petitions for minimum wage increases when the petitions were actually to block the already agreed upon increase.

     As if that wasn't bad enough, the AH&LA sealed the deal by creating its own spin on the issue, claiming that the minimum wage increases are “extreme.” Mind you, the CEO of Marriott makes $9 million per year while the CEO of Hyatt makes $6 million. But apparently those salaries are not extreme.

     This wasn’t exactly the wage cap Jesse was talking about in the video below. 

- By Brigida Santos - 

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