Do you remember a man named George Zimmerman?Of course you do.I mean, how could you forget the man Big Media portrayed as the reigning hero who did his civil duty by defending his neighborhood against 17-year-old, Skittles-wielding “thug” Trayvon Martin?

Zimmerman made headlines back in 2012 after an altercation between Martin and him resulted in Martin being shot shot and killed. Martin was unarmed. A jury would later find Zimmerman not guilty. This verdict caused a public outcry from communities throughout the country.  It started a strong discussion about racial profiling and media portrayal.  Did the conservative media’s quick jump to label Martin as a “thug” and Zimmerman as an upstanding citizen cause the jury to vote in Zimmerman’s favor?

Fast forward to today.  Zimmerman has had a few more run-ins with the law since 2012.  He was most recently arrested in Florida on suspicion of aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon, local authorities said.  So let's imagine that Zimmerman’s incident with Martin didn’t happen almost 3 years ago.  Let's pretend that it happened today.  Do you think that the conservative media, which took so much time building him up as a hero, would do the same this time around?  Probably not.  Would there be justice for Trayvon Martin?  Probably.

-Saher K.

OTG Team

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