I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: an official report is written to protect the officials who wrote it.And the 9/11 Commission was no different.They left me with more questions than answers after the tragedy of 9/11.For example, what really happened to World Trade Center Building 7?

We all know that the two main World Trade Center towers were both struck by airplanes and, within the matter of a couple hours, they both collapsed.They didn’t blame it on the planes.The official report stated that the fire had caused these big, huge skyscrapers to literally disappear and fall to the ground as dust.We all saw that.

What we didn’t see is Building 7.It was not hit by a plane.The 9/11 Commission’s Report didn’t even cover it.The building was brought down on purpose.What was the purpose to bring it down?A 47-story steel structure building, with a couple of minor little fires in it, cannot have an instantaneous 7-second collapse.In the case of Building 7, clearly in the way it fell, they cared about collateral damage; they wanted it dropped in its own footprint.And the only way that happens is by a controlled demolition of some sort. 

- JV

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