Imagine a place where you were afraid to express yourself freely in fear of death. Or a place where a petty crime that would normally end with a simple slap on the wrist gets you executed, all while the public looks on and does nothing. Although this all seems unrealistic, this is NOT an imaginary place. This type of brutality is happening on a regular basis in Syria and Iraq by the group calling themselves “the Islamic State,” also known as ISIS.

If the videos of beheadings weren't enough to make you think ISIS is totally off their rocker, grisly photographs were recently acquired after being posted to an organization's website that calls itself “The Ninevah Province Media Center,” which also bears the logo and flag of the Islamic State.These graphic screen shots depict men being thrown from a building to their death because they were gay, men who were caught stealing being crucified and shot in the head, and women being stoned to death. Certain photos show a large crowd gathered around to witness these executions.

With no real sight as to when this type of grisly behavior may end, who knows what effect it will have on the United States. But what we can do in the meantime is thank our lucky stars for the freedoms others may not ever be granted.

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