GOP appoints leaders of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security. But there's just one problem.

Republican senators, Jeff Sessions (Ala) and David Vitter (La), will lead the Senate Immigration Subcommittee where they will be responsible for overseeing all policy decisions regarding immigration, refugee placement, and border security.  But here's the problem: They both oppose immigration reform.

The GOP habitually appoints people to committees they have no business being in.  Last year, Republicans nominated climate denying senator, James Inhofe, to lead the Senate Environment Committee. They also put science denying senator, Ted Cruz, at the head of the Subcommittee on Space.

How does that make any sense? 

The quote below from Mic.Com sums up the GOP stance on immigration:

“We don't want to invite people to America that can't find work and go on welfare and on dependency.” – Senator Jeff Sessions

What about what we want as American citizens?  We don't want American politicians running committees for things they don't believe in.  Science deniers should not run committees in science related fields like space, and climate deniers should not run committees on the environment.  How can Senator Inhofe address climate issues when he doesn't even believe we have them?  And how can two anti-immigration crusaders be in charge of immigration issues when they only have one stance? 

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And if you want to know how Jesse Ventura would deal with immigration, check out the video below. 

-By Brigida S., The Off the Grid Team

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