How much surveillance is TOO much surveillance? I'll give you a's a trick question. Figured it out? Any amount of surveillance is TOO much surveillance! And while you've been driving around going about your business, most likely staying out of trouble (OTG is giving you the benefit of the doubt), the Justice Department has been being sneaky behind your back.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department has been secretly gathering and storing hundreds of millions of records about motorists in an effort to build a database which would track the movement of vehicles across the country.But they swear they are using their powers for good! Mmhmmmm yeahhhhhhhh...I feel like we've heard that before. Anyways, the Justice Department claims the license plate tracking program run by the Drug Enforcement Administration was to seize automobiles, money and other assets to fight drug trafficking, according to one government-released document.

And it doesn't stop there.The use of the database has expanded where local law enforcement agencies are using it for a variety of investigations.What are these investigations?How dare you ask those types of questions!It's still even unclear if any court oversaw or even approved the program!

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to the rescue!

This senator democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee was quoted by the Wall Street Journal saying the use of the license plate reader technology “raises significant privacy concerns.”It's nice to know as Americans at least we have one person in office on our side.

As long as this license plate reader complies with federal law, how much of your privacy rights are you willing to let slide for your “freedoms?”

-Mitch A., The Off The Grid Team

PS. If you'd like to see who else is violating your rights as an American, check out his Off The Grid video NOW!

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