The legal system set up to protect government whistleblowers has only failed them.

When government whistleblowers go through the "proper channels" to expose flaws, corruption & illegal activities in their agencies & departments, not only are they ignored, they're treated like criminals. 

This article shows that, no matter what "whistleblower protections" Obama signed into law, they offer very little hope to the men & women who expose problems within our government agencies. 

Tom Devine, legal director of the Government Accountability Project, says “We advise intelligence whistleblowers to stay away from established channels to defend against retaliation. In our experience they’ve been a Trojan horse, a trap that ends up sucking the whistleblower into a long-term process that predictably ends up with the whistleblower as the target.

The truth is, we need more whistleblowers. But these men & women have to truly be ready to lose everything they know. As James Perloff says, "truth is a lonely warrior." 

Never forget Edward Snowden's bravery & patriotism. Watch Jesse's conversation with his legal advisor Ben Wizner:

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