Will the new shift in Congress get America back on the right track?

With this New Year comes a shift in Congress. Republicans are now the majority leaders in the senate, and according to a New York Times article by Carl Hulse, they aren’t wasting anytime:

Republicans hope to strike early with measures that are known to have bipartisan support. The House is set to pass legislation this week expediting the Keystone XL pipeline; the Senate is making it the first order of business as well. The House will also take up a measure that would change the new health care law’s definition of full-time workers to those working 40 hours rather than the current 30 hours — another proposal that has drawn backing from Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.

While members of both parties say that now is the time for compromises, President Obama is worried that they will try to unravel his major domestic initiatives, particularly on health care, Wall Street restrictions and the environment.

Will this new Congressional shift be beneficial to our country, or just lead to more arguments and disagreements? We’ll just have to wait and see.

-OTG Team

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