The Utah branch of Planned Parenthood sued the governor on Monday for ordering state agencies to cut off federal funding to the organization following the release of secretly recorded videos by an anti-abortion group.

This is smart. You don’t shut the government down because you have a disagreement over one thing. The government needs to continue to do what it does, and anyone that doesn’t should be fired.

Let’s straighten something out. Stop calling these people pro-life. Because the same people that are pro-life support the death penalty in most cases. So they’re not pro-life. Let’s call them what they are, pro-birth. They are pro-birth because these are the same republicans who take away welfare, food stamps and whatever safety net is out there for poor people with children. They want the births to take place, but could not care less about what happens to the child after. It’s no more help, no government aid, nothing.

So let’s call them what they are: pro-birth.

-Jesse Ventura

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