Charles Koch gives a rare interview to CBS Sunday Morning, in which he reportedly states he doesn't contribute "dark" money to politics.

"First of all, what I give isn't dark. What I give politically, that's all reported. It's either to PACs or to candidates. And what I give to my foundations is all public information."

So states Charles Koch in a rare interview with reporter Anthony Mason, from CBS Sunday Morning.

Mason promptly followed-up with another question.He asked if Mr. Koch thought it was healthy for "the system that so much money is coming out of a relatively small group of people."

Koch's response:

"Listen, if I didn't think it was healthy or fair, I wouldn't do it. Because what we're after, is to fight against special interests."

He continued:

"But what I want is a system where there isn't as much centralized power, where it's dispersed to the people. And everything I advocate points in that direction."

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor for the Clinton Administration, for one, doesn't believe Charles Koch for a second.  He took to his Facebook page immediately to debunk the Koch brother's claims.

Reich writes:

"Koch Industries is one of the biggest special interests in America. Because its petro-chemical empire is threatened by environmental regulations, it finances 'research' purporting to show climate change isn’t a problem. Because its holdings of Canadian oil would be worth less without the XL Pipeline, it’s financing a massive PR campaign in favor of it. Moreover, the Koch brothers have put together a group of billionaires that are putting almost $1 billion into the 2016 elections – a sum that’s as much as either political party will raise."

Who do you agree with?  Do you believe Charles Koch when he says he's fighting against special interests? You can watch and read more about the CBS Sunday Morning interview here.  Be sure to sound off below to tell Jesse what you think about Charles Koch's claims.  

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