Portland, Maine's new concealed carry law goes into effect Thursday at midnight and police are not happy about it.  What do you make of it?  Take the Off The Grid Poll!  

A new law in Portland, Maine goes into effect Thursday at midnight that will allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

But Portland Police chief Michael Sauschuck says the law will put police and the public in danger. In a recent press conference he said, “I'm sure that our legislators, many of them, are highly intelligent. Many of them are invested in their community, but the individuals that voted for this bill made the wrong choice. When this legislation goes into effect tomorrow police officers and sheriffs across the state will be in danger, our citizens will be in danger. This is a poor piece of legislation we are about to suffer through,” Chief Sauschuck said.

What do you think of Portland, Maine’s Concealed Carry Law? Are you for or against it? Answer the poll and leave your opinions in the comments below.

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