One of the darkest stains in recent U.S. history was the CIA detention and interrogation program enacted after 9/11 which ultimately led to the torture, sorry, “enhanced Interrogation” of many detainees at secret CIA black sites around the world.

While President Obama and the Justice Department have essentially sat on their hands when it comes to bringing any actual accountability in the way of prosecution, choosing to in Obama’s words “look forward as opposed to looking backwards”, this inaction thankfully hasn’t stopped the victims of the diabolical program from seeking justice.

Recently, in a federal court in Spokane Washington, the ACLU filed a suit on behalf of two former CIA prisoners Suleiman Abdullah Salim and Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud along with the estate of slain prisoner Gul Rahman against James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen.You remember them; they were the civilian psychologists who helped develop the enhanced interrogation program for CIA and took in millions of dollars through private government contracts for their troubles.

Steven Watt one of the ACLU attorneys representing the ex-detainees told the Guardian:

“This case is about ensuring that the people behind the torture program are held accountable so history doesn’t repeat itself.Impunity for torture sends the dangerous message to US and foreign officials that there will be no consequences for future abuses.”

We must not forget that because we are supposed to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people we, as citizens, are ultimately responsible for the actions of our leaders and our agencies, whether we like it or not, which is why we must show the courage that the ACLU and these men did and start doing more through our votes, our voices, and our wallets to hold those in power accountable for the misdeeds they commit in our name. 

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