Planned Parenthood continues to be attacked by Republicans looking to defund the organization claiming that they don't want their tax-dollars funding abortion.

People need to understand something about Planned Parenthood: only 3% goes to abortions. They provide birth control. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t people who oppose abortion, support birth control?  With birth control, you wouldn’t need to get an abortion. Seems logical, maybe that’s the problem.

These people shouldn’t be called pro-lifers, they should be called pro-birthers. These same people are the ones that vote to eliminate welfare and any kind of safety net. So when these babies are born, they’re basically on their own. What do you think their odds of survival will be when their parents can’t even provide basic care for their child?  Are the pro-lifers going to adopt all these needy children?  Not likely.

-Jesse Ventura

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