Officer was reportedly responding to a domestic disturbance call when the car struck and killed a pedestrian.  No, the police car's lights and sirens were not activated at the time.

A Michigan patrol officer was allegedly driving 30 miles above the speed limit in response to a domestic disturbance call when he hit and killed a pedestrian, Kimberly Bedford, age 48.  Neither his siren nor his lights were on.

The 52-year-old cop, Eugene Anderson Jr., according to local reports, was a seven-year veteran on the force.Prosecutors slapped him with a misdemeanor.

The speed limit: 35 mph.  Anderson was allegedly driving at 65 mph.

Yet prosecution believes that this was not a crime.  Berrien County Prosecutor Michael J. Sepic stated, “there was no other evidence of negligence...He wasn't texting or using a cell phone or eating a sandwich that would have justified the felony charge.”

Should Anderson be charged with more?  What do you think?  Be sure to sound off below.  

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