Big Brother Gets a Little Bigger Each Time Congress Meets

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) passed 74 to 21 in the Senate yesterday. 74 to 21! Yet, 54% of you claim to be against NSA surveillance. So what does this mean? Our senators are NOT representing the people who voted them into office!

CISA will “allow ‘voluntary’ sharing of heretofore private information with the government, allowing secret and ad hoc privacy intrusions in place of meaningful consideration of the privacy concerns of all Americans,” according to a consortium of critical professors led by Princeton’s David S. Levine.

Or as Reddit’s ELI5 forum put it…

The CISA bill basically tells cyber companies to ‘anonymously’ share its data with the government for the sake of cybersecurity. In other words, your name (or whoever is paying for your internet's name) won't be connected to the data that cyber companies are forced "asked" to share with the government. However, given the wording of the bill, this anonymity isn't guaranteed, and there's a loophole where your name still could be attached to your data as it is passed to the government. Further, the NSA and FBI will still be able to overrule the part of the bill that grants anonymity, so they will know who certain data is coming from.

Senator Bernie Sanders voted against the bill, but guess who was absent from the vote? ALL OF THE REPUBLICAN SENATORS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Well, except for Lindsey Graham, who voted FOR the bill to pass! But he’s polling at about 1%, so should we even consider him in this race?

Where the hell was Senator Rand “I Have Fought for Several Years Now to End the Illegal Spying of the NSA on Ordinary Americans” Paul? You can’t prepare talking points for a televised debate about what you WOULD do to the NSA as president when the people of Kentucky and the U.S. were depending on you to vote this bill down. This was your chance to filibuster your little heart out and put your donor’s money where your mouth is, Rando. Looks like despite having your father’s pedigree, you’re just another disappointing Grand Old Tea Partier.

Cross your fingers and toes that this doesn’t pass in the House. And if it does, I guess our only defense against CISA is to constantly search the most vile, disgusting, reprehensible (within the confines of the law) pornography on your computers, tablets and phones at all times, so that the NSA will have to wade through literal weeks of vomit-inducing smut to find any of your personal and private information. Or, we could stop electing these conmen to Congress.

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