Retold in Ridiculously Photoshopped Pictures…

1. Jeb's Warm Kisses
While Jeb fumbled to appropriately answer a question about raising taxes to reach a budget deal, he came up with this nugget of gold…

2. This crap stops!
Lindsey Graham decided to answer the question, “You’re a hawk. Is that tough enough?” by threatening China and then dropping this pearl…

3. Trump Burns Kasich to the Ground
Trump was on his best behavior at the CNBC Debate, but he still got in a few jabs at Ohio Governor John Kasich, because… why not?

4. Cruz Lays His Own Brand of Smackdown
Ted Cruz had it up to here with the line of questioning that the CNBC moderators were crapping out, so he aimed both six-shooters right between their eyes with this…

5. The Student Becomes the Master
Despite being Rubio’s mentor, Jeb got desperate and tried to go for his throat. It did not go well for him. At all.

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