The US Border Patrol is fighting to keep body cameras off of their officers

The implementation of badge and body cameras comes during a time where all eyes are on the police. Some welcome the camera such as Tempe Police Lt. Michael Pooley who said,"They’re useful for so many different things, for prosecution, for citizen complaints and for use of force."

But one department continues to fight the use of the cameras, the US Border Patrol. 40 people have been killed by Border Patrol Agents since January 2010, so their rejection of body cameras makes you wonder what they don’t want seen.

A recent Customs and Border Patrol report said that incidents of force have been down so body cameras are no longer necessary, but the ACLU questions that report. Vicki Gaubeca, the Director of ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights said, “We are all for less use of force by CBP, which has a deeply troubling record of killings and excessive force. But CBP’s release today touts a decrease in use-of-force incidents based on incomplete statistics that exclude many uses of force. The announcement lacks transparency regarding pending disciplinary action or investigations and fails to assuage border residents’ concerns that CBP culture values military-style policing over de-escalation and preservation of human life.”

The Border Patrol rejected the implementing of body cameras because they don’t want to upset their agents. I guess that’s a good reason because I know I hate it whenever I’m caught on camera beating someone to death or tackling, tasering and handcuffing an innocent citizen.

-Saher K: OTG Team

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