Rand Paul Wants to Go Toe-to-Toe With Bernie Sanders

In this corner, wearing the blue trunks with “Socialism” written across the backside: Senator Bernie “The Semitic Southpaw” Sanders! And in the other corner, wearing the red trunks: Senator Rand “The Kentucky Kapitalist” Paul!

At least, that’s how I see the showdown Senator Paul has proposed between Sanders and him on the subject of capitalism versus socialism. The Kentucky Kapitalist (as he’s known by no one anywhere ever) has thrown down the gauntlet for Bernie to debate for an entire on that topic alone. But somewhere along the way, the former Tea Party patriot seems to have forgotten the definition of both capitalism and socialism. As Dr. Paul told WHO NewsRadio 1040...

“See Bernie… he says, ‘Oh, I believe in a benign form of socialism, democratic socialism.’ But here’s the problem—if a majoritarian takes away your rights, it’s not any different or less bad than an authoritarian taking away your rights.”

“A majority is not always right, and I think that you have rights that come from your creator that precede government that can not, should not, and must not be taken away from you by a majority, and I really, really object to Bernie’s understanding of what rights are,” added Paul.

I must have missed the part of “capitalism” in which a divine creator ensured certain rights to people, or even offered them to the people at all. Senator Sanders hasn’t threatened to remove any of Paul’s so-called “divine rights” through the simple terms of socialism, or democratic socialism more specifically.

Maybe Paul is referring to Sander’s support of allowing a woman to choose what she wants to do with her own body, which seems more like a RIGHT than having a government deem that RIGHT be stripped in favor of “protecting” the unborn. But perhaps, my reading of what a RIGHT is wrong.

Despite the fact that the Democratic National Committee might prevent Sanders from debating Paul in a sanctioned event, Truth in Media has launched a petition to “host a town hall debate between the two candidates in New Hampshire, which has already reached over 5,000 signatures.” And I’m sure Las Vegas will be taking bets with 10 to 1 odds on capitalism.


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