In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, many are left wondering what's to happen next. Is this the start of a new war against ISIS?

A headline in the Minneapolis paper declared that we’re at war. Well, excuse me, I think we’ve been at war for 14 years, haven’t we? And the point being is this: do you think they’re not going to strike back? Do people think that when we’re bombing them, occupying them, and attacking them on a daily basis they’re NOT going to fight back?

We invaded Iraq in 2003. We’ve been at war ever since. We’ve pulled a great majority of troops out, but we’ll continue to bomb and wage war over there. I don’t understand why people are that stunned that there wouldn’t be retaliation. Unfortunately, there’s going to be.

I saw something interesting on the news: ISIS has killed more Muslims than western victims. They’ve killed more of their own than they actually have outsiders. To me, the whole problem goes all the way back to colonialism. When European colonialism took place in Middle East, there was no regard for religion. The Europeans wanted to be colonial superpowers, so they formed borders for their own purposes. Well, if you made the borders according to religion -- a Sunni, a Shiite country and Kurd country, for example -- maybe you wouldn’t have the same amount of problems over there.

But the European powers didn’t take that into account. Perhaps they thought that all the religions over there would get along. Well, they don’t, and they haven’t for thousands of years. It’s not a new revelation. Bombing isn’t going to solve the problem. This is a much bigger and deeper conflict than what they’re telling you on the big media news cycle here in the U.S.

Yes, terrorists attacked. Paris was horrible. That’s the only way to call it. But they’re still blowing themselves up too. And that’s a very difficult opponent to fight. For someone to strap bombs to their own body and detonate it, it’s sick. That’s similar to World War II when the Kamikaze pilots would fly right into the ships. That’s a tough opponent to fight: someone that will believe in the cause and is so devoted to it that they will go to that extreme to do it.

The point is this: we will be at war over there until we leave. And if we stay there long enough, even when we leave, we’ll still be at war because they’ll try to retaliate in some way.

-Jesse Ventura


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